Friday, September 22, 2017

When Collage and Stencils Collide

This is by no means anything new, just new to me.  I was inspired by an image I had seen of MaryBeth Shaw of Stencil Girl Products (shared it way way back on my FB page) where she created a pattern using stencils with  the pattern - clear as mud right?  Ya...cause that is about how I remember it and how I decided to go with it and of course add my twist to it by using collage papers as well.

So come along with me as I try and steer you through my creative thought process.

I was o a monochromatic kick for this one and must say, quite enjoyed the process - not to mention the colors I decided on...Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Satin Paints in the following colors: Lake Fog, Surf, Pool, Beetle Black & Beach Glass.  

I picked out some Dyan Reaveley Stencils including Directions, Fresh Dots, Old School Alphabet, and Donna Downey's stencil Circles & Stripes (#DD-081).  I was careful to keep the stencil images with the lines I had created on my sheet (12x18" Watercolor sheet).  I used my Fudeball pen to freehand the pattern (note the prettiest, but it worked).  I applied the paints using a makeup sponge wedge, being careful not to apply too much paint along the way.

For this next step (TIP ALERT), I applied Collage Pauge only in the pattern shape on the right hand side (see above image).  Laid the vintage paper down on top, burnished it well.

Now using a round brush dipped in water, I followed the line and tore slowly along the wet edge. Voila - almost perfect.

I continued to pull out stencils and used the paints on my palette board, often mixing the colors or simply not clearing off my sponge.  Other stencils introduced here include Dyan Reaveley's Old School Numbers, Holes and Flower Pop.

For this next step, I stenciled onto Deli Paper using the BoozyBear's Stencil Library, I once again followed the same technique of adhering the Collage Pauge to the area I wanted the Deli Paper to stick and then used a wet brush to 'tear' the sheet.

Now I simply started filling in the remaining opening with either more paper elements, straight up paint or more stencil (top center is Tim Holtz's Layering Stencil Ringer (THS056)

Now it was time to start creating layers and depth.  I simply pulled out a variety of stencils from my bin I thought would work best - some new to the page, others were repeats.  New ones included some Stencil Girl Product ones (Rae Missigman line) and Crafter's Workshop Blazonry and Repeating Pods.  You can also see I added more collage paper/elements in the form of punched papers, torn papers and Tissue/Washi Tape

Here is a larger shot of the final piece (so far).

As much as I love the blues, I must say I am really liking the black and pops of white (which is actually the gesso'd base)!

I enjoyed doing this so much, I tried another on, with a different approach of course!

Using a 'pink' base this time around, Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Satin Paints in the following colors: Ballet Slipper, Camella Pink, Pink Dahlia and Party Streamer.

This time around I was going to try and stay on a 'floral' theme, so I started pulling as many floral stencils that I could.  First up was Joggles Sunflowers.

I used it twice with two different pinks.  As mentioned before, I moved and turned and flipped the stencil around - often layering or overlapping the images.

I apologize for the lack of photos for this next step - but as you can imagine - I was on a roll and there was no stopping me!  The stencils used were Joggles Leaf Specimens and Flower Blossoms, Prima's Flowers (#572150) and then of Donna Downey's Mini Number Repeat and the Dyan Reaveley Old School Numbers.  I used just about all the colors again with the addition of Black & White (the grey is by mixing the B&W).  

Once I was happy with my base, I simply added some partials from the Crafter's Workshop stencil Damask (TCW242) using black. 

You can see from these close ups that I once again only apply spottingly through the stencil and it is continually being moved around the page.

When I come across an area I feel is too bold I often will apply some white though one of the stencils already being used but will offset it so I am able to get some coverage and take that part of the page back. 

Really liked this one so much, decided not to add any collage pieces at this time.  But not to worry, this doesn't mean I still may not in the future!   That is one of the added bonuses of this style of work - it is done when you feel it is done....or often, when you have gone too far and no longer like it!

Right now....I like it!

Here is a full shot of the page as it stands now.

TIP: pages like these are great for taking photos of either along the way or at the end.  Using your images again (called leveraging your work), is a great way to keep using images/pages you like over and over again.  By taking photos or scanning your work and printing them off  then using them as collage fodder, image transfers, altering the image(s) in photoshop, creating layers....the ideas are endless! An important note when wanting to leverage your art work, if you print off - you need it to on a laser printer so it doesn't bleed.  If you use your inkjet printer it simply needs to be sprayed with a workable fixative.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Collage or Bust!

If you have been following me on Instagram you will have seen for sure how much Collage I have been doing lately.  This summer I found a Canadian fix for my ridiculously massive growing vintage paper stash.  The paper used on this piece was from that find.

I have since decided to start parting with some of my precious stash  and created bundles on the site so be sure to head over and grab some great deals!

But for now - here is a fun Collage and Stencil mixed media board, hope you enjoy!

I start off gessoing a 9x12" Fredrix Canvas Panel and then at it with a few of my Seth Apter Stencil Girl Stencils using Black Gesso.   You can see easily here how I turn, flip and use bits and pieces of the stencils.

Once I got a good base down, I put a layer of Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste down.  I wanted this so I could create not only layers, but a texture.  You can see in the following pictures that I take a tool and start making marks in the paste.

Once it was dry enough, I added some vintage paper elements and adhered them down using a Liquitex Gel Medium that has white flakes in it.  I wanted to have some fore visual texture.  Not too sure it really gave me what I was after (yet), but on I progressed! 

Again, while still wet, I used my faithful plastic tool (it is a pick from a floral arrangement) and made some marks.

Really hard to see, bu they are there and visible as I progress.

As it all continues to dry(ish), I start adding more layers - this time with a graphite pencil.  Scribbles, marks, textural imprints that again, can be seen along the way. 

Now it was time for some color.  I think this palette came from an image I saw of Jodi Ohl's on Instagram.  I used what I thought it might be - Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, Teal and Titanium White.  

I add a new layer of texture - this time Liquitex Modeling Paste applied using my trusty Palette Knife.

TIP: Depending on your desired outcome and substrate you are using will often determine which palette knife I pull out.  I am sure there is a real educated/technical reason as to which to use - but for me most hard surfaces and not as rough - I tend to go with my metal palette knife and use the Dina Wakley Plastic one for softer (paper) and rougher surfaces.

Time for some more marks - this time I chose to use the Dina Wakley Media Tools as there are four different tips to choose from along with a good ole wooden dowel!  Having said that, if I was doing this on a smaller substrate, I would have used these.

Once it was somewhat dry, I added a few drops of F+W Acyrilc Ink in Sepia and of course some Black Gesso.

Tme for some more visual texture - a Faber Castell Graphite B Pencil  

It always amazes me how just the simple scribble of graphite/charcoal or a basic pencil can add that little something to the piece.

The final touch to this piece was pulling out the Lyra Water Soluble Graphite Stix.  To get this amazing look, I simply dip the stix directly into the water and holding the stix at the top with only my forefinger and thumb - doodle down the piece.  I then go over it for a second time, this time applying more pressure.  Keeping the stix wet is the real key here.  Love this stix and how it came out!

here are a few close ups!

In this final shot, you can really see the marks from the stixs and of course the white flakes from gel that was applied quite early on in the process.  You can also see the texture from the pastes - whether it was from the palette knife or the various tools!  If you look real close, you can still even see the textrure from the canvas base which was the panel! YUM!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This has got to be a record!

I am so on a roll here!  As much as I am trying to stay creative, I am trying just as hard with keeping up with the blog posts!  How am I doing so far?

As you have seen in the last several post, I have been using my stencils like crazy...this one is no different...yet different!

I am continuing to use my Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Paints in the new Fall 2017 Color Release .  I agains start using the lightest color and work towards the dark side (I do add two Martha Stewart Multi Surface Satin paints in Peas Shoot & Surf).  The stencil I am using is the new Crafter's Workshop Crazy Waves (TCW743).  Sadly I forgot to take pictures along the way (sorry) and used the colors randomly across the stencil.  I am working in my 9x12" Mixed Media Journal and the stencil is going from Top to Bottom vertically.  

I add another layer of stencil, Crafter's Workshop Lacy Tiles (TCW735) again using the same colors and going back to my old habit of turning, flipping and moving the stencil around the page.

TIP:  I have mentioned before and will mention again - I find the best use for stencils in the way I journal and work on mixed media - is to NOT use the entire stencil as is.  I prefer to use bits and pieces of a stencil.  I mix up the colors, the areas of the stencil I use; I flip, turn, move, mask and whatever else I think will work and be different.  I use sponges to disperse the paint.  It will range from the little white disposable make up wedges, those foam blenders, Sofft applicators, Sea Sponges, Craft Foam...bottom line...I like FOAM for application of any of my paints. Dip and dab.  Less paint on your sponge is always the answer.

You can see in this photo - there are some pencil marks under the paint as well.  Well, they are actually on top of the paint, just a light application trying to give some visual depth to the page.  This is something I picked up over the years from Rae Missigman and Roben-Marie Smith.  Sometimes they stay, sometimes they are never seen again!

You can see here where I pulled out the purple in full bore wanting to  push all the under layers back.  Really liking how it was going.

I add yet another layer using Crafter's Workshop  Kitchen Tile (TCW751).  Now I wanted to recreate the idea from an earlier idea of using this stencil with Soft Gel (remember that epic fail?), but this time instead of taking a chance a losing this base - I simply used Black Paint! This stencil is the Crafter's Workshop Brocade (TCW195). I offset it on the page - really like it...but is it too dark? Backing is so stark now? Oh what to do?!

Why, add more of course!! I pulled out my Dylusions Old School Numbers stencil. I really made sure this time I dabbed off a good amount of the paint from the sponge so it would not be too dark.  You can see in some areas of the Brocade stencil, I actually took a baby wipe to it and wiped away some of the crispness of the stencil design.  Starting to really like it now!

Here it is full page!  Deceiving isn't it when only partial page shots are used! This is pretty true to the colors (on my screen).

This next image is with a bit more wiping with a baby wipe.  Grunged it up some more. Then added a pale white thought the Crafter's Workshop Onion Skin (TCW447s) to push it all back.

Calling it done!!

This next one I wanted to try the idea of creating a pattern of my own freely drawing a clear division on the page using a permanent ink pen (in this case a Faber Castell Pitt Pen, but you could use any off the others out there too - Fudeball, just confirm with directions on the package first).  I used the following stencils & Dyan Reaveley Paints on this image (from top left and going clockwise):  Joggles Leaf Specimen with Rose Quartz paint, Crafter's Workshop Crazy Waves with Mushy Peas (just didn't change my sponge); Crafter's Workshop Onion Skin with Peony Blush; Crafter's Workshop Art Deco Leaves (TCW450) with Laidback Lilac. You can see I tried to keep the stencil images within the lines!  Hmm now what?

It obviously needed some black and something to bring the separated areas together - so black it was!  I used a very dry sponge with black gesso (Finnabair Heavy Gesso - Black) and used the following stencils - Crafter's Workshop Damask (TCW242) and Onion Skin (TCW450s).  I then thought it might be a cool idea to blend the edges between the colors....ugh! FAIL!

So what to do now? Yuppers, you guessed correctly...brought out my fingers! Opened up the jars and started blending it up and out!

Don't you just love this part? So freeing knowing it is all just paint and you can always just paint over it all! Only evidence is all the pictures I've posted along the way! 

While the paint was still wet, I took a plastic pick and scraped and scratched in the paints once again trying to create a division.  Made a few marks along the way too.

So now what? I can't possibly leave it as this could I? NOPE!

I has seen this post on a group on FB - It was done by Lisa Oxley (sorry have no idea on her blog or IG , still looking for more on it)

Thinking I could possibly interpret mine toward this.  There was hope!

Out came a Donna Downey Stencil Circles & Stripes (#DD-081) along with Liquitex Soft Body Titanium White and my finger. I added three rough circles.  I also pulled out the new Dina Wakley Media Stencil - Scales (DMS58281) and randomly in a pattern strategically placed the black scale marks!

I used the Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso again as I prefer the coverage I get with it.  I add some scales in White as well (using the Liquitex Soft Body Titanium White).

Once it was kinda dry (let's face it, I waited maybe 2 min if I'm lucky)!  I used my Pilot Multiball Pen (Fine) and doodled around the circles and the scales.

To get the thicker black around the scales going down from the large circle, I used the gesso and #4 flat brush.  I really wanted it to be rough, so I used limited paint and a very dry brush.

Thinking it need more marks - I pulled out a variety of pens & markers and started doing just that.

To get the smugging - I used the Faber Castell Graphite Aquarelle and simply tapped my finger on a wet baby wipe and blended away. 

A few scribbles never hurt a page either!

Good enough to call done!

Thanks for sticking around! Hope you are enjoying the posts.  Should be able to get a couple more up this week...yes, I have been creating that much!!

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