Thursday, February 26, 2015

Takeover Thursday!

I’m so happy to hijack Wendy’s blog again today!

I let Wendy pick my inspiration for today’s project.   She had a choice between “Teal”, “Texture” or “Stamp”.   She chose stamp, so I grabbed my Dina Wakely Media All Girls Stamp (the first one I saw), opened up my Art Journal and had some fun.

I decided to use my small Dylusions Journal  and since they were in my sight I grabbed my Pan Pastels. 

I stamped the ladies on my page using Rangers Perfect Medium (although any embossing ink should work).    Once they were stamped I used Pan Pastels to color in the ladies and selected background.   Notice how the Pastels cling to the Perfect Medium.   I've only used Pan Pastels a few times, and I’m determined to get more use out of them, they are quite pricey but you can do AMAZING things with them. 

Once I had the color how I wanted I drew a thick line in black Pan Pastel to create a page break.   I enjoyed the look of the white space, but couldn't help myself…I need to add color!!

First I took the word stamps from the stamp set and randomly filled in the bottom of the page using Ranger's Black Archival Ink.   When it was done I took a Pink and Red Pitt Pen and highlighted words.   Once that was done I used my Green Gelatos to create a water color look

Note to self:  Pan Pastels are not water resist…do not spray water, use a waterbrush!!

Time to do the top.  I pulled some old butterfly wood stamps I bought YEARS ago, and stamped these randomly on the top with Ranger's Black Archival Ink.    Once somewhat dry I used Blue Gelatos and my Waterbrush to fill in the space around the butterflies.    For an extra pop of color I spread Purple, Yellow and Orange Gelatos on my craftmat, sprayed with water and “watercolored” the inside of the butterflies for an extra pop of color.

This page was so fun and took my less than an hour…I simply adore it!

I’m off this weekend to craft with Wendy, so watch my Facebook page this weekend and see what I create using the February Mix Ur Media Kit (if you haven’t checked it out yet go to this post)! It is AMAZEBALLS.

Until next time, B Crafty!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Mix Ur Media February Kit!

It's here! This month's kit is very different from last - this one will challenge you to create layouts/pages with a series of unique papers, tags, ephemera and tape!

This adventurous kit includes 35 pieces all to boost and aid in your creative process.

Get them only HERE!  These kits are priced to sell only $10.00 for local pick up!- simply select your buying/shipping option below and kits will start shipping Tuesday February 25! 


This month I asked Anita (Anita B Crafty) to be my guest designer.  She was given the kit early so she could create some wonderful pages and projects for you to take inspiration from.  Here are some of her wonderful works of art!

For first project - Anita went Project Life - 'Color it up for PL'! Took some of the paper from the kit added it to a 4x6" card and added color and texture!

'Feeling the Teal' - she used dictionary pages, zipper the a hat check tag.

This next one was simply genius - taking art journaling to the level all journalers should!  Anita used one of the stamps on the envelope the kit was sent in along with dictionary pages, washi tape, stamp then stepped it up yet again with using items from the January Mix Ur Media (MUM) kit to add texture. 

'Playing with Texture' using tags, stickers and washi tape as her base and then adding texture with the mesh piece from the January kit.

'Taking a Chance' by using product somewhat out of ones comfort zone and making the most of (I'd say she rocked it) - measuring tape, tag, zipper and washi tape.

'Using too Much Color' I think not!  Using tags, ephemera, zipper, papers, and a lot of paint!! I think you knocked this one out of the park Anita!!

* * * * *
I did a few as well.  I will be totally honest with you - I struggled!  Why you ask?  Probably because I don't work well under 'structure'!  For me, I need MY art to be free and not have any limits and or timeline.  When I am forced to get something done on a timed schedule...I tend to put a wall up!  Could be the stubborn side of me showing it's face!

The following photos are all from my journals - I used a ton of layering and textures on these pages.  The zipper is one of my favorites! Using Modeling Paste, Super Heavy Matte Gel and of course Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints.  I did try and use some different paints and sprays along the way depending on my mood(s).  Here are some images of six different pages I worked on.

modeling paste through stencils over a mix of the ephemera in the kit.

layers of Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays applied after each one has (somewhat) dried...

layering paper, tags, measuring tape and zippers!

cutting up zippers and using bits and pieces of paper over a base of gelatos.  Adding modeling paste for more texture.

trying to create watercolor over a washed gesso dictionary page and diluted Distress Stains

last one - used up most of my remaining bits and pieces of paper and ephemera. Topped with modeling paste through a stencil then an acrylic wash (or two) then some finger painting to finish it off!

I totally enjoy seeing someone else's take a kit - how I use it or how you choose to you it is totally up to you.  Like I have said many times before - there is no right or wrong way to create! When sharing your work using these kits on social media, use the hashtag #w2mumkit so we can all enjoy!
Thanks so much for your interest and support on these kits - can't wait for you to see what I have in store for you next month!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playing with MOTIF's

If you follow me over on Facebook - then you knew that I was struggling with my art over the last week or so - nothing was working for me (at least in my head). So I decided to break away from my actual 'journal' and play on paper (well okay, one of my spiral bound books).  Back in December I signed up for a class with Traci Bautista.  I originally discovered her on Pinterest.

Traci Bautista - this lady truly makes you look at your work - simply!  Your art does not have to be unreachable - it is yours and can be made freely.  I am taking her art.journal.PLAY 2015 online workshop, that so far, am really enjoying.  I wish I had more time - but at this point...I will take what time I can to 'PLAY!"

Here are a few samples of what I did in her MOTIF part of the workshop (I will not do process as this is a paid class and will respect her work).

Here you can see my color palatte and paints of choice:

went the extra distance on my own and added some doodling!

next project:

project #3 right now, my fave!  At first I had just picked the white, black and magenta (mixed white and magenta to get the pink), then thought about how to eliminate the white it was - I told my self what is the worst can happen.  I LOVE this page!!

I am working on another now - making 'flowers' with my brush.  Not sure how much I am liking my flowers right now - but I will continue to work on them of course.  I find adding the doodling, whether with pens or fineliners...really make a page for me.

my color palette...

my 'flowers'...

it was not yet dry when I took the photos, and have not had time to get back down there to finish them off....maybe today!

This was exactly what I needed - just at the right time!  With my (somewhat) art block - it truly freed up my mind and totally fell in love with the process of art, all over again.

see you again soon....w2