Sunday, October 8, 2017

Upcycled Book Journal

As promised, here is a quick mini tutorial on my Upcycled Book Journal.

This was uber quick to put together and must say a tab fun!  I started out with an old hardcover fiction book I picked up at a thrift store.  Depending on what you are wanting to use for papers inside will determine what size book to pick out. 

Since I was using some of my stash papers - let's face it, we all have a 'toteload' (or two, or three or ten) of these and for some reason just can't seem to use them.  Well, enough is enough...I'm using them!

My book measures just over 5.5" x 8.25" with a 1.25" spine.

Taking a packing knife, I simply cut down the edge of the hard cover edge where the actual book pages meet the cover, and slice down the edges being careful not to cut through the spine.

There you go, a dismantled book!  You can either use those inner pages as collage fodder or put them in the recycle bin.

I picked out some of my Prima Sunrise Sunset Collection that I have seriously been hoarding for waaaaay too long (circa 2013, but sadly I have pages even older than these)! So trial sake as I was not wanting to destroy too many pages if I didn't have to - I pulled a sheet of 8.5x11" paper out of my recycle bin and folded it in half to see if it would work in size for my inserts.  I decided to cut it down to 8 7/16x11", I know - but that 1/16" made a difference to me!  

I first cut five sheets to those dimensions and folded them in half.  Knowing that was not going to fill the journal nor make me happy, I quickly decided to make a variety of page sizes.  My pages now ranged form the 8 7/16 x 12" all the way down to 4.5x12".  So 12" you ask? Huh? Well if you look at the photo below, it will all make perfect sense!  I folded some of the pages!  Not all the pages are actually folded in half - but off centered so I could create a flip out within.

I created three signatures of eight sheets of paper per.  This ended up being a perfect fit. 

Time to set aside the signatures and decorate the cover.  I had lots of bits and pieces of papers left over from when I was making my signatures, so of course I though why now use them to on the cover!  I started placing them on the cover of the book until I was happy with the layout.  Took a photo so I could replicate...

So, how did I do?!  As usual, I didn't quite get it the same, but I am happy either way!  I then repeated it on the back.  I adhered it all using Golden's Regular Gel Matte, strictly due to the weight of this collection's cardstock. 

Next it was time to cover the inside - this time I took a vintage dictionary page strip for the actual spine and larger sections of cut papers to cover the inside. I once again used Golden's Regular Gel Matte. 

Once it was down securely, I put down the sheets on the front and back inside covers.

Then trimmed off any access.

Now it is time to bind it.  I used the similar five loop binding system as described in this blog post.  I used a scrap sheet of paper to get my dimensions correct due to my varying page sizes (more on that later). Using my awl. I punched through  the opened signature (securely clipped) and the book cover.  It is important to make sure you are in the proper location of the spine as you are inserting three signatures.  I therefore put my first signature in the center of the spine.  I used waxed linen for my binding thread. The awl and needle I picked up at our local sewing shop a few years ago.  If you have the old Making Memories Tool Kit (that has the hammer in it), it has a great awl and needle inside!

As you can see in the photo below, my first two signatures went in perfect! The third one (far right), not so much!  The spine not only was getting tight to work in, but my smallest sheet on this signature was 4.5" top to bottom which of course didn't work out so good for my stitching!
I find it is always best to have a minimum of THREE stitches on a sheet so it remains secure enough for you to actually work in our journal!  So TIPSTER - next time measure your signature with the smallest sheet inside first!  This can be hidden of course if I chose to cover the spine at some point with Book Binding Tape, or even some canvas!

Here are a few more shots of the book as it is now.... 

It does need a closure eventually, but does stay closed enough when laying down now (for now). But in good ol' Wendy fashion, she can't find her closures and refuses to open a new pack off the shelf as she has done that way too many times!

NOTE: This is by no means an 'original' design - it has been down before and will no doubt be done many many many more times.  It is simply my take on it. I first was inspired by a similar stitching format with a class I took with Traci Bautista where she encouraged you to use your own art pages to create a journal.  I simply went out on may own inspirations and came up with this way and all the tips I have suggested are what I found to work best in the several journals I have created since.


Today, I did my first page in the can say I broke it in!

Started off with a light covering a white gesso.

My color palette today was limited: Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White and Black (Gesso).

I started out using one stencil but all four 'colors' (blending and mixing along the way and layers). The stencil is a StencilGirl one designed by Rae Missigman called Puddles.

Again, when i use stencils, I tend to use only bits and pieces and turn, flip and move it around the page as I work and layer texture and color(s).

When you go too far, you tend to get this hot mess.  I find that the addition of white is more often than not a pages savior!

Not only white, but some more visual texture.  I brought this by using more stencils - StencilGirl stencils by Traci Bautista and Rae Missigman including: Deconstructed Cabbage, Deconstructed Zinnia, Deconstructed Lily, Imaginary Bloom, and Nonsensical Bloom.

Once the white has been added, I will often add another focal point of color, usually one of the underlying ones in its raw form.

In the photo below, you can see the brands I used for colors and also see the pile of stencils I used!

Must say, I kinda like this page and thinking I will call it done...for now!

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Last one for the week - Collage!

Here they are - the final ones for the week, now quite sure what next week will bring - but will do my best to get on here a few times.  Have a busy weekend ahead of me but will do my best to carve some time out for art!

This first one for today was inspired by me wanting a simple black and white spread.  Once again, I will apologize for the lack of process pictures, but pretty sure by now, you can figure out my thought process on these pages.

As you can see, I was not able to leave it strictly as a B&W page, it needed that POP of color.  Not wanting the Washi Tape to be the focus, I did layer some more grey toned washi tape over top.  

For me, the focal point is the grouping of the Butterfly and the plant image - agreed?

Again, simple but very rewarding! 

This next one took me a bit longer as you will see from how I started to how I finished.  Being that the previous one was B&W(ish), I thought it would be cool to try and do a 'kraft' one.  The base of the page is basically bits and pieces from an old Canvas Corp Sampler (Light Neutral) that has small samples of their papers and such. 

As I was adhering the layers the idea of using a large stamp popped in my head.  I have some Art Foamies kicking around that I really have not made use of yet - only because... I have no excuse! This one is HUGE! I believe is is about 10x4" and is called Leaf Vine.  As you can see, I stamped it using Ranger's Archival Ink - Tree Branch (obviously a fave).  The kraft paper I am layering here is one of my favorites - it is on the site here - and the photo does not do it justice...I really should update it.  It is a very light weight (thin) paper, similar to a grocery bag...with texture. I adore it for collage and scrapbooking alike simply due to it's affordability and weight for layering multiple times.

Thinking it needed something more (cream), I pulled out another sample from package and then added the remnants of some Jenni Bowlin Studio Perforated Sheet (Stamp) along with some cream burlap.  I tied a piece of hemp twine vertically around the strip and tied a knot.

I added a vintage button (that is a funny story that I may have to tell you about one day, or I might have if I look waaaaaaay back on my blog). The addition of the vintage photo is perfect as well, gives it the much need contrast and really pops.

You can see that I just can't leave it as a neutral page - I add the old 7 Gypsies Printed Tape - the cream and sage polka dots seemed fitting!  I played around with the placement of the tape and ended up as the last image.  Happy camper I am! 

Last one for today and this week. It was a blast to do and so enjoying the tones of it!

Here is my practice layers...kinda bland...

So thought I should pull out some of my vintage patterns and start using them! The page was adhered down using Collage Pauge then sealed the same way.

Now it was time to start layering again!  This time I am much happier...I think!  
TIPSTER - I've said it before and I'll say it again - take photos along the way.  It now only gives you perspective and a new view - it is great for those of us who like to upcycle and leverage their artwork and use it over and over again!

Time to start gluing it all down.  To these pieces, I simply used UHU glue.

These next two shots I am still playing around with the final placement of the top collage element.

You can see which one I finally end up with, now it was time for some ink splats!  I used FW Acrylics in Sepia.

I dab the ink splats with a rag so you are able to see them better and to get that staining effect.

This is also when I decided I should have inked my edges! So carefully (kinda), I start scraping the the inverted stamp pad along the edges and surfaces where I wanted it.

Now I am liking it much more!

Final page!

Thank you so much for following along this week!  I hope you have enjoyed my mini tuts and process pictures.  Maybe you've learnt a tip or trick along the way or at least been inspired enough to pull out your supplies and PLAY!

Don't forget to keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts (and I'd love it if you would follow along) as I tend to post there more often (just not as much detail)!

Most products are linked to my online store W2 Scrapbooking & Mixed Media Art Studio and if I don't carry it, I will often link to where you can find it.

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